Working toward a big deal

Elena Behringer in front of her residential care home, Crystal Rose.

Story and photos by Daniel Friedman

If you walk by a room where a party is going on, and the room is so crowded it seems not one more person could fit in, would you look for a less crowded party or shove your way into the room to be part of the crowd?

Elena Behringer of Surprise is more likely to elbow her way into the already crowded room, which may be why she is working toward launching her daily deal website,, offering steep discounts targeted at women in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Asked why she is jumping into this crowded business space, Behringer says, “I love deals and I love sharing them.” She also says women always like finding good deals and businesses are always looking to attract new customers. She will concentrate on deals with businesses women like, including theaters, salons, events and restaurants

But her site isn’t offering deals just yet. As of yesterday afternoon, there were 1,132 people signed up of the 5,000 needed before the site launches, which Behringer hopes will be in a few months. Her marketing effort consists of using Facebook and giveaways and cross-marketing with mommy bloggers to get the word out.

Behringer has given her site a feminine look and she offers rewards to women who sign up others. She says, “Our website will reward you every time the person that you referred to our website purchases something. You can have unlimited credit on our website to buy the deals.” Even to the point where the deals on the site are free. isn’t her only business. Elena and her husband, Dan, operate Crystal Rose Care Home in a quiet neighborhood in Surprise. Dan has experience in sales and marketing and they both take care of their daughter Audrey Bella (3) when not working on or Crystal Rose.

Behringer says she has always been a hard worker looking for new opportunity. She was born in a small village in Transylvania, Romania and there were some tough times. “I always told myself when I was a little girl, I have to find ways to do things for myself, to provide for myself. So when I was in sixth grade I went to my grandmother’s garden and picked fruits and vegetables and took them to the outdoor market and sold them,” she says. By the time she was in 12th grade someone from the bank remarked to her parents how proud they must be of Elena and her growing bank account. Her parents were indeed proud, and surprised, as they didn’t know Elena had the bank account.

After her third year of four years of law school in Romania she came to the U.S. on a cultural exchange program, intending to stay just a few months. “I had my life all planned out. I knew I was going to be a judge when I went back to Romania. I knew everything that was going to happen in my life, and then I took advantage of the opportunity” of the cultural exchange. She ended up meeting, falling in love with and eventually marrying Dan.

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  1. Judy Spradling

    I applaud your efforts and love the article. Count me in!

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