A fashionista’s best friend

Katelyn Farver (left) and her mother, Dawn with the Personal Outfit Assistants.

Sometimes mompreneurs invent products to solve problems I didn’t know existed, but then, I’m not a “fashionista.” Dawn Farver of Fountain Hills came up with her idea a couple years ago when her daughter Katelyn (14) asked for help picking out clothes for school. “I went in there and we started laying the clothes on the floor, and that was a huge mess, and it was boring. I thought there must be a better, fun way to do this; better than to lay them on the floor.”

Farver’s better way is a POA (Personal Outfit Assistant) sold through her company, Girls Looking Cute. The POA, with its own hangers, is a cutout figure of a girl to present the outfit as it would be on the wearer. The original POA started when Dawn traced Katelyn and began the process of deciding what materials it needed to be made from and how to put it together. Some of the first incarnations of the product were made from PVC pipe to make the limbs.

The product is currently made from MDF (medium density fiberboard) with a decal to create the face and undergarments on the POA. Different decals customize the POA to match the hair, eye and skin color of the girl who is trying to look cute. POAs will be available in small, medium and large.

Farver says the POA can provide bonding time for mom and daughter as well as avoid fashion conflicts. Better to dress the POA the night before rather than deal with the “I don’t know what to wear” and “where’s this” and “where’s that” minutes before it’s time to leave for school in the morning, says Farver.

For Farver, starting her own company and developing the product is important to her beyond the money she hopes to make. She says, “I wanted the kids to know there was more to me than changing diapers or wiping noses.” In addition to her daughter, she has three sons, Sean (25), Jason (23) and Brandon (21).

With Katelyn in high school she has the time to pursue her ambitions. “I am at the point where, being a mom for all those years, and all the different things that I did, made me ready for this.” All her mom-skills have come in handy deciding on materials, marketing, how to deal with web designers and how exactly the product should look.

Girls Looking Cute has drawn interest from educators who want to use it for special needs students who would benefit from using a POA as a tool to organize and plan.

Learn more about Dawn Farver and Girls Looking Cute.

Story and photos by Dan Friedman


2 responses to “A fashionista’s best friend

  1. Thank you Dan and Raising Arizona Kids for sharing the GLC story! The tutu’s in the photos were provided by Posh Little Tutus which will be available at our charity auction at the end of the year. Thanks again! We look forward to helping moms around the world by being your daughters best friend and personal outfit assistant. 🙂 – Girls Looking Cute

  2. carol rademacher

    That is a very neat idea and ver useful.

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