What “home” looks like

We held a contest at the magazine recently to give away tickets to the new movie “Hugo.” Because the movie is about a boy searching for a place he can call home, we asked readers to tell us what “home” means to them. Here are the five winning responses, which we enjoyed receiving and wanted to share. — Karen Barr


Home to me means includes being able to view the beautiful Arizona sunsets!

Veronica Gutierrez of El Mirage

As a wife and stepmom, “home” to me means spending time making memories with my family.  Here is a photo of my stepson and I making some holiday treats! 🙂

Carrie Collins of Mesa

I feel most at “home” when my husband and I and our three kids go back to Nebraska. As the youngest of 12, I have lots of nieces and nephews that I LOVE to spend time with!

Amy Teraberry

I was going to send a pic of a beautiful Maricopa sunset or a pic of our beautiful Maricopa burrowing owls to show what home in Maricopa looks like. But the truth is “home” means family to me! Wherever my boys and husband are…that is “home” to me. So here’s a pic of my boys! Home is def where the heart is!

Merry Grace of Maricopa

“Home” means celebrating Christmas together still in our warm pajamas, sleepy eyes, bed-head hair, and ripped wrapping paper abound — and cheering on our home team (ASU, Dad is an alum)!

Jenny Fasolino, Scottsdale


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