VOICES OF AFTERSCHOOL: A countdown to Arizona’s Centennial

By Jenny N.

I’m proud to live in Arizona because…

Where the trees bloom brightly
Where the crops are abundant
I howl a word to the sun
The sun nods and hides its face.

As the coyote stalks its prey
A butterfly meets my fingers
I slowly look up to the sky
The inhabitants are glad, too.

The first reason why I’m glad to live here is because it has freedom and there are no slaves in this country. There is no injustice here in Arizona.

The last reason why I’m proud to live here is all its beautiful plants and wonderful creatures like the elegant butterfly. Its wings create the light in the world.

The hummingbird creates the ground. And finally, the ladybug gives the blue sky. I’m glad to live in such a beautiful place.

Jenny is a fifth grader in the Kyrene de los Lagos PAC Program run by City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation.

Our Centennial countdown features essays assembled for an Arizona Centennial Writing Project by the Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence.

Find more essays.


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