Globetrotting with kids in tow

The Simmons family (clockwise from top): Jeremy, Nathan (11), Seamus (9) and Carrie.

By Daniel Friedman

For many parents, traveling with children is like a noisy, disheveled caravan or a three-ring circus. Parents have to remember to bring things to keep the kids entertained, cleaned and clothed. Carrie and Jeremy Simmons of Phoenix make it a point to travel with their children Nathan (11) and Seamus (9) internationally. They’ve turned their travels into a television show, “Travel with Kids,” which is broadcast internationally and coming to local PBS affiliate KAET  (Channel Eight) on Nov. 13. The show will air at noon on Sundays.

The episodes follow the Roberts family, the Simmons’ television persona, as they travel the globe in search of adventure and local culture. The shows cover lodging, museums, attractions, food and activities. And of course invaluable tips that answer the question parents will have: How do they do it?

To prepare the boys for the British Museum, an enormous museum with eight million objects in its collection, Carrie created a scavenger hunt. The boys were determined to complete the hunt and even enlisted museum guards to help find the more obscure items. Carrie says advanced preparation is the key.

Their many destinations include Arizona (of course), Hawaii, Mexico, Peru, Ireland and Paris. They just got back from China, so expect to see that in an episode soon.

A free sneak preview of the show will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10 at Picture Show inside Paradise Valley Mall. The preview benefits Vista Colina Emergency Family Shelter. Donations are requested to help homeless families.



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